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Background Information
The Book Development Council of Tanzania (herein referred to as BAMVITA) was established in 1999 under the laws of Tanzania as a non-profit making organisation to coordinate and stimulate the activities of public and private sector agencies in the book industry of Tanzania so that more and better books of all kinds may be made available to the readers of all kinds may be made available to the readers of all ages throughout Tanzania. BAMVITA is constituted with the particular concern to facilitate greater cooperation and consultation amongst various interest groups, while seeking solutions to the many problems facing the book industry in Tanzania.
Mission Statement

"Creation of a book reading society that will transform the social economic and cultural development of Tanzanians" "

Vision Statement

"Through a democratic and equitable process; conduct training, book fairs, reading tents, book donations, literary awards to positive intervene in the development of the national book industry"

Main Objectives of BAMVITA
•Creation of a forum for all interest groups, public and private, in the book industry, where they may become better aware of their common problems and strengthen their endeavours through coordination, joint planning and cooperative ventures and initiatives
• Support, encourage and liaise with associations involved in the development of books and reading culture and learning, and urge the formation of such associations where there is a need.
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